Will my AC adapter cord charge the batteries while they are in the light?

No. We designed the Giglight Max™ in such a way so that it could operate with both NikMH rechargeable batteries or regular Alkaline batteries for the convenience of our users. If we were to include the charging component within the light, and a user were to accidentally charge Alkaline batteries instead of NikMH, this would be a serious hazard. Because of this, the NikMH rechargeable batteries must be charged separately through a charger, not directly through the light.

Why is it that sometimes my batteries don't hold their charge as long as they are supposed to?

The most common reason for this occurring is that users mix older batteries with newer ones. This causes a very irregular flow of electricity out of the batteries and could result in reducing of battery capacity and overall performance and life.


Why is the PK charger different than most NiMH chargers?

To save cost, most battery chargers recharge batteries in pairs rather than individually. Over time, batteries discharge slightly more or less even batteries of the same age. When charged in pairs,this results in one battery always being overcharged, which is damaging to the long-term capacity and life of the battery. The PK charger we provide, regulates and charges each cell individually to maximize both short and long-term performance.
You can find our charger here: https://www.lampcraft.com/products/4-2600-nimh-batteries-and-preimum-fast-charger 


My light just shut off unexpectedly

The only thing that shuts off the light automatically is a low-voltage trigger.  This function is meant to protect rechargeable batteries from damage which occurs from discharging the cells too deeply. This function can also be triggered by accidentally banging or bumping the light which causes a momentary loss of contact, which the electronics then reads as low voltage. If this were to happen, turning the power switch momentarily to "off", then back to "on" would confirm this was the problem.
Can I still purchase the Super Giglight or any of your old products?
Currently we only carry and sell the Giglight Max™. If you are happy with a past model it is likely you will enjoy the newest one as well. We have continued to expand on our past designs, adding additional useful features based on our users' feedback. You can find the Giglight Max™ here: https://www.lampcraft.com/products/giglight-max



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